If it works, DON’T fix it!

I’m willing to bet that if I’ve done work for you, you may have had me tell you not to fix it if it’s working. That’s one of my big rules. That I, recently broke. And that will be the last time I do that. I had a completely functional, useful operating computer that I decided to upgrade. I was running Windows 7 and decided that ultimately I would need to upgrade to Windows 10. My computer was eligible and at some point Microsoft won’t support Windows 7. The reports I heard were good concerning upgrading. So, I took the plunge. Truthfully, the upgrade went far smoother than I originally anticipated. There were a few minor glitches that were easily corrected.

But I’m still dealing with one issue that is really more annoying than anything. I use a laptop with a docking station and a 2nd monitor. I’ve come to really like having that second monitor to work with two open windows at the same time. So, I’m dealing is it the software, hardware or docking station.

I’m hoping to find out soon and get this resolved.

And the moral of the story is the title of this post.

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