Bathroom exhaust fans: Fix or Replace?

Bathroom exhaust fans: fix or replace? This is one of the worst I’ve seen. And it was actually still running. It took a little bit to get up to speed. So to speak. And I’m fairly certain it wasn’t doing much in the way of moving or exhausting air. What do you think? The air has […]


If it works, DON’T fix it!

I’m willing to bet that if I’ve done work for you, you may have had me tell you not to fix it if it’s working. That’s one of my big rules. That I, recently broke. And that will be the last time I do that. I had a completely functional, useful operating computer that I […]


Light Dimmers

I’m a big fan of light dimmers. They help save energy and add warm light to a room. But, there are many different types and styles. There are also many more types of light bulbs than ever before! Walk down the light bulb aisle at Home Depot and see for yourself. But, you can’t use […]